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Thread: new ip camera giving issues

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    Default new ip camera giving issues

    i mostly use flash media encoder for my streams but have recently looked at ip cameras, the new one from Dahua,s 3Megapixel cftv IPC-HFW5300C looks great BUT it wont play on iphone or other devices, I can get it to play on jwplayer though wowza. i have tried many settings but cant seems to get it to work.

    this is the data from the ip camera

    this is the data from a regular flash encoder

    any ideas?

    like i said, though wowza it will play on a jwplayer only

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    Are you saying that is plays in JW player using Apple HLS (cupertino) or in JW player using RTMP only?
    Are you able to play the stream using Apple HLS in VLC player?
    How often are the keyframes in the stream?

    I recommend a keyframe be added between 1-4 seconds. When a stream is packetized for HTTP clients the chunks are created on keyframes, if the keyframes are far apart the chunks can become larger.
    Please see the article below for editing the packetization for Apple HLS (cupertino streaming).
    How to configure Apple HTTP Live Streaming packetization (cupertinostreaming)


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    i can play the output stream fro wowza just fine in jwplayer but cannot get it to play on an iphone at all. i did configure exactly like its shown on the link you gave above,
    i really need to get this fixed as these cameras are great and I want to move to them but we must be able to stream to phones and tablets.

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    I see the resolution from the IP camera is 2048x1536.
    According to the Apple specs, for devices such as the iPad air, the video specs for streaming are
    Video formats supported: H.264 video up to 1080p, 60 frames per second, High Profile level 4.2
    The full iPad Air specs are here.
    See the TV and Video Section.

    You may need to lower the resolution output from the camera for it to work with iOS devices.


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