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Thread: Encryption / delivery for offline caching using Wowza / BuyDRM?

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    Default Encryption / delivery for offline caching using Wowza / BuyDRM?

    We're about to start using Wowza to stream content to our apps. We're going to encrypt the streams using the Wowza DRM (BuyDRM) plugin.

    We also want to enable users to download encrypted content to save on their device for 'offline' playback (OK, so itís not true 'offline' - only inasmuch as the content will already be downloaded so won't pay high data-transfer charges. The app will still need to contact the server to perform the necessary requests for decryption). We can do this by creating our own ASP.NET WebService to deliver the content, encrypted using the BuyDRM .NET plugin, however it would be much better if we could use Wowza Media Server to perform the encryption and delivery of content for caching on the app and later playback, eliminating the need for us to create our own mechanism.

    Is it possible for Wowza media server to do this, or can it only deliver content via 'true streaming'?


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    Hi Richard,

    There is not a way to do this with Wowza. Once the content is downloaded you will have to use your own methods.


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    Never mind - thanks very much for the quick response.


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