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    Default Restart Wowza

    Hey Everyone!

    I am with a problem that when I restart the Wowza Server in Wowza Streaming Engine he doesn't work more. Acessing http://[wowza-ip]:1935 the server isn't found. Acessing Wowza Streaming Engine and trying to add stream the message is shown:
    "MediaCaster type not found[live/_definst_]: rtp"
    Can anyone tell me what can be? Would it be a bug?

    Because i saw in Release Note [] that this issue ["Fixed RTP MediaCaster thread locking issue with application instance shutdown"] was corrected.

    P.S: Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.0.4 in AMI (Amazon Machine Images) with license Byol.
    AMI ID: WowzaStreamingEngine-ebs-byol-4.0.4-x86_64-5f03c7f6-de9b-43fe-a602-1c49f77d1a02-ami-1e847d76.2 (ami-574ae54a)
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