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Thread: Add Load Balancing Edge-Origin Configuration?

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    Default Add Load Balancing Edge-Origin Configuration?

    Greetings. We have implemented a Wowza implementation on the following:

    CPU: Intel Core i7 3.4GHz, Hex-Core
    RAM: 16Gb
    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise
    LAN: GBE

    The service is used for both live and video on demand streaming. The primary activity is for the delivery of academic content to students in asynchronous learning environments and training content for faculty and staff; however, in addition to that VOD content, we also stream special events, such as university commencement ceremonies and athletic events.

    So far, everything has been working smoothly, as expected. To be certain that we do not overload the system, though, we have decided to add a second Wowza implementation to balance the load and to hopefully provide for service redundancy in the event of a failure; therefore, we have purchased a second Wowza license and identical hardware.

    Should this second implementation of Wowza be setup such that the two systems operate in Edge-Origin configuration, or would another approach be better suited to this activity?

    Also, are we doing ourselves a disservice by employing the use of a non-server OS? Researching the topic yields conflicting viewpoints: some respondents state that concurrent connections are limited for non-server operating systems; however, our logs indicate no such limitation during live event streaming to >300 simultaneous viewers.

    With the added second Wowza license, we would be updating an existing WMS3.5 implementation to WSE4.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Here is my calculation for load usage:

    Assuming a delivery bitrate of 1.5Mb/s on a 1GBE connection, this yields:
    500 viewers at 1.5Mb/s = 750Mb/s = 0.75Gb/s + 20% overhead = 0.9Gb/s

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    Right, you would use Live Stream Repeater (origin/edge) configuration to scale playback of the live stream, and MediaCache to scale vod playback.

    To do this you would setup the 1st server, the better one of the two if they are not identical, with the following components
    1. Load Balancer Listener
    2. Live Origin Application
    3. Live Edge Application
    4. VOD MediaCache Application

    2nd server with these components:
    1. Load Balancer Sender
    2. Live Edge Application
    3. VOD MediaCache Application

    The edge on each server will re-stream from the origin app on the 1st server.

    Both have MediaCache applications with the same MediaCacheSource (pointing to a web server or NAS drive)

    For production use, I would want a server OS, but if your tests and performance are adequate and no different on non-server OS, that's what counts. Perhaps Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows Server are not much (or at all) different for this use, as indicated by your test.


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