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Thread: Wowza installation permissions

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    Question Wowza installation permissions

    Howdy folks,

    I'm running Wowza 4 on Linux as a non-root user, and am wondering what permissions are *actually* needed by the Wowza user for everything to function properly.

    I found this thread from a while back, which indicated that the only writer permissions needed were on the 'applications' directory, which makes sense.

    I am wondering two things:
    - Is the applications directory still the only thing that Wowza needs write access to? I would have expected it to need write access on the logs directory also, at least.
    - How does the manager affect this? Does the manager need write access anywhere?

    Just looking to lock things down as much as possible, per organization policy.

    Morgan Hamill

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    Yes, Wowza does write to the [install-dir]/logs/ directory. Other directories under the [install-dir] also have files which may be written to, created, deleted etc by the Wowza process. When running Wowza as a named user I'd look at locking that user down, setting file ownerships so only that named user can write and read the files. You may have to go through a few iterations to find what works for you. As you know Wowza runs as root with a default install, and as mentioned in the link you refer to the default settings are to make the installation as simple as possible.


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