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Thread: Changing Media Caching Logic

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    Default Changing Media Caching Logic

    Hi Wowza,

    I' ve already downloaded Wowza Media Server 4.0.4 and Eclipse Plugin. By using these, i wrote some codes for changing logic of media caching. But i could not make it right.

    I think, it is not possible to this version, ha ?

    I found a link "" that mentioned to me , for this king of changing requires different app, i think. Or i understand wrong?

    I want to change media caching logic by writing some code in eclipse and importing these codes. So is there an way to make this ? Or it is impossible?

    I read this link "" , but i couldn't find what i am looking for.

    If it is possible, can you give me a little bit explation or link or sample codes.

    Thanks from now,


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    Hi Arda,

    Can you describe in more detail what you are trying to achieve?



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    Hi Paul,

    Ok, I try to explain;

    My data class basicly like this;

    class item {// class that hold the video data

    stream //stream
    LTD // last download time
    counter // number of watching

    If a new video is asked to add to cache; if cache is available ( has free part) it is added without logic.

    But if cache has no free part, it must change the videos. And this logic looks for LTD , it chooses minimum LTD and removes the minimum LTD video. Than it adds newly requested video to this free part.

    My codes basicly like this, but i dont/cant apply to wowza server. And i couldnt find any source about coding media caching.

    I hope i made my point clear.

    Have a nice day

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    This is effectively how MediaCache works by changing the MinTimeToLive value. This value is the minimum time an asset can stay in the store when not in use.


    Store is 10Gb

    The following files are cached 5 minutes apart with a MinTimeToLive set to 300000 ( 5 minutes )

    File 1 is requested and partially cached - 2Gb - After 5 minutes the user stops watching the file
    File 2 is requested and partially cached - 2Gb
    File 3 is requested and partially cached - 3Gb
    File 4 is requested and partially cached - 2Gb

    File 5 is requested - 2 Gb - However only 1 Gb of space remains. MediaCache knows the MinTimeToLive has expired on File1, so removes it to make space for File 5. When a file is requested MediaCache reserves the whole file size, rather than just the amount being used at the time so it knows it has space to populate the rest of the cache with the file when needed.

    This is a very simplistic example but hopefully clarifies it for you.


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    Hi again and thanks for solution

    Is it file caching, right ? Maybe, it is my fault. I did not give any key world, but i need ram caching. Does this setting set up for ram caching?

    Have a nice day

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    Hello Arda

    The cache is stored on disk. You can review setup information here.



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