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Thread: enginemanager not listening on port 8088?

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    Default enginemanager not listening on port 8088?

    I've had Wowza Streaming Engine running for a few weeks, working on getting my player config tuned properly. Today when I tried to go in to look at the server state, I got a surprise: http://<server IP>:8088/enginemanager/ doesn't respond (gives me "Safari can't open the page "<server IP>:8088/enginemanager/" because Safari can't connect to the server "<server IP>".

    I can connect to port 8086 to look at serverinfo or connectioncounts just fine, and I can still play live videos over port 1935.

    "netstat -nat" doesn't show anything open on port 8088, and "lsof -p <Wowza PID> | grep TCP" also shows nothing listening. Restarting Wowza didn't appear to make any difference.

    Any pointers on what I should be looking for?

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    Never mind - I had restarted WowzaStreamingEngine but not WowzaStreamingEngineManager

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    You need to make sure that both Wowza Streaming Engine and the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager are both running.


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