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Thread: How many GB ram do i need? and how to calculate?

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    Default How many GB ram do i need? and how to calculate?

    Hi dear wowza community,

    I want to know how many GB ram i need for about 2500 viewer and about 200-300 streamer.
    the streamer would stream with a quality between 1000kb - 2000kb.

    i want to use Apple HLS, RTMP and RTP as playback types.

    Do i need 32gb? 64gb? 128gb? our application does just mysql checkings nothing special.

    thank you a lot for your time and help

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    There isn't a precise number when it comes to memory sizing. Wowza primarily allocates memory for its Java Heap. On a production server running a 64-bit OS this defaults to 10GB. That can be increased up to a point but with diminishing returns. A server with your base model config of 64GB may handle your projected load. The bottleneck is likely to be network bandwidth as much as any other factor. You could see if you're eligible for our Load Test Tool which can be very useful for ensuring that your server can handle the load successfully.


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