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Thread: Pushing information from the server without flash shared objects

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    Default Pushing information from the server without flash shared objects

    Hi There,

    We have a problem in that we are making an HTML5 version of our Flash software and need the client to update information when it is updated on the server. Flash shared objects did all this for us behind the scenes, however we don't know how to do this without them.

    Is there something already set-up on Wowza that achieves this, or has anyone reading this already achieved this successfully? If so, please let us know.

    Appreciate all help,


    Antardwip das

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    Hello Antardwip

    If you are looking to obtain server based information on demand, you could always setup an HTTP Provider of which you could make requests off of. Otherwise, you can look at metadata/cuepoints as found here.



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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    The cuepoints/metadata solution would not work with us as our information is not sent from our broadcasting computers, and is persistent even when we are not live.

    Setting up an HTTP provider is similar to what we already do, so are you suggesting we poll the server for changes (i.e. keep asking the server for the information & spotting when it changes)? That's rather wasteful when we have 1,000 + connections. The shared objects have a neat solution, they know who is connected, so when they update, they send a message to just those people connected. No unnecessary checking to see if something has changed. If we poll the server, we may have 1000+ unnecessary messages every 5 seconds.

    We are looking for a way to avoid this - have I understood your solution properly? Is this what you meant?

    As people move towards HTML5 solutions, something that updates clients like shared objects do - but without Flash (God bless it) - will be welcome.

    Antardwip das

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