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Thread: Load balancing configuration on v4.0.4

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    Default Load balancing configuration on v4.0.4


    I have two server running v4.0.4, so I want setup load balancing configuration between this two server .
    I have downloaded load balancer plugin and I have try to follow the readme file inside installation folder, but for tell the truth I'm confused,
    the installation reference is for wowza v2.x and I'm not sure if the procedure is same for latest version v4 .
    so, there a complete and definitive tutorial for install two server in load balancing mode using latest version ?



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    Hello Steve,

    You obtained your file from here, correct? If so, you should be fine in implementing it into your workflow and you can just follow the ReadMe.html file that comes along with the download. If you are running into a specific issue (from one of the steps) please let us know and we can help to work through it.



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