I have read this article and made steps 2a, 2b, 2c.

I didn't perform step with "NetStream.setBufferTime()" however, because I'm just testing WOWza prior to purchasing it. So I don't want to digg into flash player source code prior I make sure that Wowza is what I need. I also see significant latency (over 10 seconds) in the MS Smooth test player.

I have also made some optimization according to performance tuning section: reduced socket buffer sizes to 32000 bytes. Wowza is installed according to recommendations, as well as Java on my 64 bit system.

Is there any way to see low latency live streaming with wowza without having to edit actionscript source code of Flash player or any other player? Maybe you can recommend specific Flash player where I can pass it through params, or that already has this "NetStream.setBufferTime()" param set to 0 by default?

If not, is there any opensource player , where I can quickly add this "NetStream.setBufferTime()" line and set it to 0, and build it with Flash Professional CS 6?

P.S. Just a notice, it is definitely not the Adobe encoder problem, I see its output that is almost real-time.

I'm sorry for so many questions, but I want to make sure that it is worth spending my time and money digging into it, because it cannot show me law latency at the moment, but this is what I actually need.