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Thread: Live streaming latency is over 5 seconds

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    Default Live streaming latency is over 5 seconds

    I have read this article and made steps 2a, 2b, 2c.

    I didn't perform step with "NetStream.setBufferTime()" however, because I'm just testing WOWza prior to purchasing it. So I don't want to digg into flash player source code prior I make sure that Wowza is what I need. I also see significant latency (over 10 seconds) in the MS Smooth test player.

    I have also made some optimization according to performance tuning section: reduced socket buffer sizes to 32000 bytes. Wowza is installed according to recommendations, as well as Java on my 64 bit system.

    Is there any way to see low latency live streaming with wowza without having to edit actionscript source code of Flash player or any other player? Maybe you can recommend specific Flash player where I can pass it through params, or that already has this "NetStream.setBufferTime()" param set to 0 by default?

    If not, is there any opensource player , where I can quickly add this "NetStream.setBufferTime()" line and set it to 0, and build it with Flash Professional CS 6?

    P.S. Just a notice, it is definitely not the Adobe encoder problem, I see its output that is almost real-time.

    I'm sorry for so many questions, but I want to make sure that it is worth spending my time and money digging into it, because it cannot show me law latency at the moment, but this is what I actually need.

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    HTTP based output formats such as MS Smooth do introduce some latency due to how it manages buffers. You can tune these to a certain extent. I'm personally not aware of any Flash player that allows NetStream.setBufferTime() to be passed as a parameter but as the article you referred to says, you can define a "buffer" value within a JW Player script which sets the buffer length.


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    The article How to achieve the lowest latency from capture to playback is for Flash RTMP clients only and will not effect the Microsoft Silverlight (Smooth Streaming) players latency. The changes you have made to the tuning will also only effect Flash RTMP clients. To adjust latency for HTTP clients such as Microsoft SS please see the corresponding articles below.

    How to configure Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming packetization (sanjosestreaming)
    How to configure Apple HTTP Live Streaming packetization (cupertinostreaming)
    How to configure Microsoft Smooth Streaming packetization (smoothstreaming)
    How to configure MPEG-DASH packetization (mpegdashstreaming)

    What latency are you currently getting with Flash RTMP clients?
    You will also need to restart Wowza Streaming Engine for the changes to take effect, please ensure you have restarted and tried the RTMP client again to test latency.


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    Jason, Paul, I'm getting over 5 seconds latency with test rtmp Flash player. I mentioned Silverlight just as an additional example.

    So, there is no way to see real-time wowza streaming until I tune Flash player reducing the buffer size?

    Paul, could you pleaase clarify how does the buffer length parameter correlate with buffertime? is it the same? if not, will it be right choice just to set it to 0?

    P.S. I thought that real-time streaming with low latency should be pretty common and trivial task, that's why I'm a little bit surprised that there's no way to just "plug and play" low-latency streaming andcheck it with built-in wowza test players without having to implement my own test player settings.
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