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    Default Load balancing configuration


    I have one wowza server running v4.0.4, so in the next month I need buy a second server and I want configure load balancing solution .
    the first server is a production server and working fine, the new server is a clean and fresh installation with v4.0.4 like first .
    I looking for a consultant expert about load balancing and able to configure this two server In the best way using wowza load balancing module, I never configure load balancing before and I want working fine during first big live events .I need also some advise about my php player script for use new load balancing configuration .
    *** pls only expert about this requirement ; no test, no try...***


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    Hi Steve

    Configuring Load Balancing isn't too complicated as long as the requirements are clear. I've set up various load balancing solutions with Wowza servers before, including configurations that use Wowza's own Load Balancing Add-On. Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you want me to take a look at your case.

    Kind Regards,
    Karel Boek


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    We can setup the origin-edge loadbalancing setup for you and we had scuccesfully implemented it for many customers. Please contact me over mail robert[at] or skype shijils

    Wowza/PHP/LINUX/Wordpress/HTML5/Web Design Expert

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