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Thread: Authenticating each Incoming Stream

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    Default Authenticating each Incoming Stream


    I was wondering if I have multiple incoming streams and let user to see only selected incoming streams.

    maybe.. some kind of Authentication is available? I can see Login part, but seems like it only authenticates "user" not the "authority to see which stream"

    Thank you

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    You might check out our limit playback by IP module of which could be modified to be more client/stream specific. Also you could potentially extend the user authentication module to be stream access specific as well.

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    you can write a custom Wowza server side module where you can process this information upon user connection and perform the authentication as you like. The latest version of my module called Wowza Wrench allows you to do this by using the stream name as a parameter in your "wrench.connect.authorization.sql" query. (Sorry, this post is not meant for advertising outside of showcase topic, I just want to help)


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