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Thread: is dev licence really needed

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    Default is dev licence really needed

    sorry for this title which may sounds question is simple: like i believe every single wowza user, we are constantly adding and upgrading servers...for example i wan't to change a previous server, using the same wowza the process is:

    i setup my news server
    i shutdown the old when everything is fine
    i set the key of the previous to the new server
    i start the new server

    the thing is everytime, u need to get a new dev key....not a big deal, but between updates,upgrades, maintenance and everything, maintaining stream servers network is a lot of work...could be easier without these dev key issues...or maybe i missed something in this case please tell me what, otherwise, thank you for paying attention to this message

    cheers !


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    I'm not sure I clearly understand, but I think you are saying you use a dev key to initially setup the new server?
    Development keys do have an expiration date/time, and you are not supposed to use the same key at the
    same time in multiple installs. Are those mainly the restrictions you are concerned about?


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