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    Default ModuleLiveStreamRecord wowza4

    for some reasons i need to keep using the old ModuleLiveStreamRecord plugin. i tryed to recompile it with the ide and wowza 4 installed, but once deployed it's not working, and the app configured with it is not accepting any connection. no errors in the logs...

    i really don't have other choice for the moment, any idea why this plugin is not working with wowza 4 ?

    thank you for your help

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    found the v4 update of the module

    working fine


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    Thank you for the update.
    Can you also mention if you used instructions from any particular forum article when updating your module? Other forum users might benefit from this information.

    Thank you,

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    from this page:

    there is a link to the latest version of the module:

    hope it helps

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