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Thread: Make new uploaded video in MediaCache immedietly

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    Default Make new uploaded video in MediaCache immedietly


    I'm using mediacache with http source.

    User will upload the video using CMD at Video Encoder Server
    FFMPEG encode video to 3 different bitrates and store to Storage Server
    Wowza Origin fetch the video using mediacache http transport from Storage Server
    Cloudfront distribute the video from Wowza Origin

    storage server and wowza origin located in different datacenter

    Is there any method after the encoding for all 3 different videos were done, to trigger Wowza origin to fetch the video and put into medicache ?

    CURL perhaps ?

    How do wowza mediacache trigger the event for caching video ?

    Thank you

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    This feature is not currently supported.
    You could use the CURL command to trigger the caching of a particular VOD asset, but you will need to send a CURL command to get the initial playlist.m3u8 and the chunklist.m3u8 playlists, and then send additional CURL requests for each of the .ts data chunks found in the chunklist. This way you can make sure that the entire VOD asset is cached locally on your Wowza server.

    I will also send this workflow to our product management team to take it into consideration as a future Wowza feature.


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    Another possibility is to use the "MediaCachePreload" functionality described in the "How to preload files for the Media Cache system" forum article.
    You could update the conf/mediacachepreloadtargets.txt file as soon as the recording of the VOD file is finalized.


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