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Thread: Hard Disk Use

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    Thank for reply Daren.

    So i see a high use of memory in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager but using the commando top in server the use shown is lower. Sometimes Manager shows 80% of use and top commando 40%. Is it normal?


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    This is normal.
    Here's a detailed explanation:
    Certainly on a linux server, the Total Memory bar in the graph also includes memory that is being used for OS level caching and network buffers. This memory is released automatically by the OS when required so can be considered as free memory however, Wowza has no way of separating the actual free memory from the cached memory so will always report higher than actual values for Total Memory.

    You can also use the linux free command, to see actual memory usage. This page, describes how to interpret the results.


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    Thank you Daren. I understood now.

    And is normal 80% use of memory with hundred streams in rtsp-live? All are registered in StartupStreams. Are used many resourches to create log files?

    P.S: On average occur one hundred connections to the server, one pre-configured AMI with version of Wowza 4.0.6.

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