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Thread: Aliasing a live stream to replace hard coded url in a mobile application...

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    Question Aliasing a live stream to replace hard coded url in a mobile application...

    I see that you can create stream files, but I would like to know if there is a way to create an alias to a url such as:

    We can't use the .stream suffix, we need to use .mp3. Specifically for http streaming. We are hoping to retire an IceCast server.

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    Take a look at the Stream Name Alias AddOn.

    This AddOn replaces the .stream files and will allow you to use different stream names.

    Note: There are specific URL formats that are required by Wowza and these are determined by the player. You may need some sort of URL rewrite before the request hits the Wowza server, if you are wanting to use IceCast URL formats.


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    Per your advice, I looked at Stream Name Alias and came up short. I either am not getting it or it cannot do what I am hoping to accomplish. We simply need clients that are connecting with the urls: or to be redirected to an application:

    If this is not possible without a web server sitting in front of the Wowza server doing a rewrite, can we alias the application itself with Stream Name Alias?
    ex. ( >
    If so, does this happen in the or the and what might it look like?

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    It isn't currently possible to do the type of redirect you want on the Wowza server so it would need to be done externally before the connection arrives at the server.

    Saying that, if you are able to create a custom module, it may be possible to use a separate HostPort listening on port 8000 and a HTTP Provider to intercept the original request and perform a 302 redirect to the proper application and stream name.

    The actual stream urls need to have an application name, stream name (and playlist.m3u8 in the case of HLS streams) so it isn't possible to just specify an application name on it's own.

    If you need assistance, it may be best to post a request on the Find a Consultant forum.


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