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Thread: Trying to use RTMP and Google Glass with Wowza

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    Default Trying to use RTMP and Google Glass with Wowza

    Hello everybody !

    I'm trying the opensource framework to stream using Google Glass,

    The framework seems to use :
    • RTMP protocol
    • mp4a-latm audio ecoder
    • H.264 Advanced Video Coding video encoder
    • 30fps
    • 3 seconds between I-frames
    • Video Resolution 320 * 240
    • Video Bitrate 300 * 1000
    • Audio Bitrate 192 * 1000

    When I stream to wowza, in the monitoring part I see packets arriving, so far so good.
    When I open the RTMP stream on VLC, I can see the stream video/audio but there are a 5 seconds delays.

    I need to have less than 2 seconds delay, so I have checked on internet and it seems that in order to reduce this delay I should use a flash player and reduce the buffer size.

    My current problem is that I cant see my stream on any flash player !

    I tried on the wowza rtmp flashplayer, I also have tried with flowplayer and jw player, it doesnt seem to work.
    On wowza "test players" I have the message "Started playing my stream" but I have a black screen... ad nothing happen

    What is weird is that it works on VLC..

    Could help me ?

    Thank you

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    Do you see anythings in the logs which would indicate an issue with the source stream?
    Although this isn't playing on a Flash player yet, to reduce the latency please see the tutorial below.
    How to achieve the lowest latency from capture to playback

    If you can't see anything in the log files which indicates what the issue could be, please open a ticket by emailing
    In your email please include a detailed description of the problem, a link to this thread for reference and a ZIP file containing the following directories:

    Please do make sure you provide logs which show Wowza server starting.

    If you are not sure how to get this information please see the following tutorial.
    How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, OS X, and Linux


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