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Thread: Chapter Marker, JW Player 6 Cloud and Streaming Engine not working

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    Question Chapter Marker, JW Player 6 Cloud and Streaming Engine not working

    Hi all,

    I pay for the Premium JW Player to support Cupertino streaming. I've got a long video that I wanted to add chapter markers to. I've got the chapter markers to appears but the time codes in the VTT aren't matching up correctly in the video stream.

    My VTT file (UTF-8) looks like the below. It's saved as chapters.vtt and is in the same directory as the HTM file that hosts the player embed code.

    Chapter 1
    00:00:00.000 --> 00:31:27.190
    Opening & Overview
    Chapter 2
    00:31:27.190 --> 00:40:07.230
    Memory & Aging Project Satellite
    Chapter 3
    00:40:07.230 --> 00:56:07.190
    DUO Program
    Chapter 4
    00:56:07.190 --> 01:05:57.160
    Sleep and Alzheimer Disease
    Chapter 5
    01:05:57.160 --> 01:15:25.160
    Advances in Imaging
    Chapter 6
    01:15:25.160 --> 01:36:01.160
    Clinical Trials
    Chapter 7
    01:36:01.160 --> 01:42:47.230
    Disclosure Study
    Chapter 8
    01:42:47.230 --> 02:15:47.040
    Q&A Session

    The video is located here:

    Any suggestions?
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    Problem resolved. I had a typo in my VTT jacking my numbers up. I blame lack of sleep :-)

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    Thanks for the update.


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    Default dont work on android

    Hi sir
    i have the problem with chapter i sill not solve it correctly , however i check your plublication on IE and Chrome is look good but it do not work on android or IOS, i just want to let your know may be you already know

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    Default Chapter marker

    Hi Tim i have problem with Webvtt (chapters marker) i save r400.vtt file and video r400.mp4 on content wowza folder and the stream name look like and a stream file as


    below is the link

    but the chapter dont marked on control

    please let me know what is missing

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    Please refer to ticket #99641 for further review of this issue.

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