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Thread: does Wowza block thew Teradek Bond or Sputnik

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    Default does Wowza block thew Teradek Bond or Sputnik

    I have had a Teradek Bond/Sputnik/Cube setup for 2 years, but have never gotten it to work consistently. Recently I had to upgrade and now the Bond does not communicate with Wowza at all. The Cube can connect standalone.
    Teradek tells me its Wowza blocking it from communicating.

    I have never configured Wowza for Teradek - is it set to automatically block?

    I figured now that Wowza has a relationship with Teradek that you might know.

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    Can you outline your Teradek config with regards to Wowza? When it didn't work previously what was logged to show that, and now since you've upgraded what is logged now - both with Teradek as well as with Wowza if logs are relevant.


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    Hi Paul -

    I don't understand your questions. Do you need a Teradek diagnostic file to review, or a Wowza error log?

    The reason I know it didn't work was because it would never connect to run a stream. The only time it worked was when the Cube was connected to a hardwired connection. We think the Bond is faulty, but Teradek says Wowza is the issue.
    I'm happy to provide what you need, but a detailed explanation of what I need to provide would be most helpful.

    Thanks, Kelly

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    Hi Kelly,

    It may be worth zipping up your conf/ and logs/ directories on the Wowza server and raising a ticket by mailing We can take a more detailed look at the problem. Please also include a link to this thread for reference.


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