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Thread: Monetization and limitation of live streaming

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    Default Monetization and limitation of live streaming


    I 'am leading a streaming project.
    We will create a webtv that will broadcast live several events.

    We want to adopt wowza system but we have an important technical question to resolve first.

    Our platform will be based on the streaming limitation. Every live broadcasted content will be divided like this : a free but limited access to the live stream for everyone, and a paying access to the complete stream (with the possiblity to unblock it before, during and after the free live teaser ). This principle should work for every video, even simultaneously.

    - Does wowza system engine allow to do this limitation and this type of monetization, and how (through DRM, Ip, Hash) ?

    - If the answer is no, is it possible to develop this on our part and implement it on Wowza engine ?


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    Hi Olivier,

    You can certainly use Wowza as a streaming engine framework for what you are proposing. There are a number of security features available to protect your content DRM, hotlink denial, secure token etc. Please see our Security section for an index of these and more.

    For control of live streams you could look at implementing scheduled streaming, creating a playlist that switches over to a secure stream at a specified time. I would suspect though that for what you're looking at the control of the streams based on a timer would be ideally placed at the web server/content management system. There are many cart-based packages that could be integreated with Wowza for this.


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    Thank you for your answer.
    Wowza is a good choice for us then.


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