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Thread: Delay between RTMP and RTSP on same server

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    Default Delay between RTMP and RTSP on same server


    I'm using Wowza as a live edge (repeater) since I need the RTSP stream that it produces, my original stream is and RTMP stream generated by FMS.

    So my question is that when I consume the streams generated by the Wowza server the RTSP is about a second ahead of the RTMP.
    Why is this happening? If Wowza produces both streams why is one faster than the other?

    I'm using VLC with the same setting for testing both streams.
    So they look something like rtsp://wowza-ip:554/live/ and rtmp://wowza-ip/live/


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    Hi Jonathan,

    The most likely reasons are player buffering is different between the two.


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    So technically they should be the exact same right?

    I will do some more testing and post back.

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    i am using wowza streaming engine to stream live feed. And i am facing the problem of delay with rtmp protocol.
    the delay which i am getting is of 4 to 5 sec. and this delay is not accepted by the client. so does it possible to reduce the same or this is the delay which normally exit in rtmp protocol.

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    Hi there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Can you please provide some more detail about your set up?

    What is the source of your stream? IP cam? live encoder?
    What is the bitrate of the stream?
    Key frame interval?
    What player are you testing in?

    To help get you started, please take a look at this guide:
    How to achieve the lowest latency from capture to playback

    Thank you.


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    hi salvadore

    in my application i am going to stream live feed on samsung dbd55d panel.
    panel has built-in browser facility which is the only way to get the stream video through http link.
    and i am using a crestron streaming device to which sany camera is connected to capture the live event.
    now this device generates the rtsp streaming url. which i fed into the wowza server as input and thru wowza i am distributing it to 19 panels using wowza generated rtmp protocal.
    and in this i am getting the delay of 4 to 5 sec between live and panel video.

    kindly revert back

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