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Thread: prob with mediacache

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    Question prob with mediacache


    I've switched from wowza 3 to wowza 4 yesterday.

    I am trying to configure mediacache. It was working well with wowza 3 but i can't make it work with wowza 4

    when i edit again is back

    where am i wrong?

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    i got this in the player

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    What stream name are you using in the player?

    From the player error, it looks like you are including the domain in the stream name which would have been the case if your base path was just http://.

    This was the base path for the default http source in the 3.x Media Cache configuration however, there isn't a default http source in the 4.x configuration as it is too insecure.

    Try using http/vetoquinoljuin14part2.mp4 as your stream name.


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    thanks, it works

    i have to make some edit to change each vod stream (782)

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    You can also change your Media Cache source base path URL from to http://.
    This way you won't have to change your VOD streaming URLs.


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