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Thread: Feature request - 16:9 aspects at lower res configs

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    Default Feature request - 16:9 aspects at lower res configs


    We have been using commercial wowza for a while now from the field with FMLE and Wirecast. We are now incorporating the use of GoCoder for Android for our two dozen live mobile content producers.

    We originate our live content over mobile wireless networks for long durations. Thus, for bandwidth and reliability, we typically publish at resolutions well below 1280x720 but still at 16:9 aspect to match the 16:9 aspect of our embedded flashplayer. FMLE easily accommodates this by allowing full custom output dimensions. The issue we have with GoGoder for Android is all the available resolution presets below 1280x720 are 4:3 aspects. So when we flip live in the field from FMLE to GoCoder, our client's video goes from a nice fitting 16:9 to 4:3 with annoying uncool looking black bars on each side.

    Can Wowza please add some lower res presets with 16:9 aspects to the config options in the next release of GoCoder for Android? Better yet, how about custom H & W, and elastic aspect toggle like FMLE offers in their setup. That would be the ideal solution for us. (We use 468x262 specific, but something close 16/9 would still be Ok for us.)

    If they must be 'canned', here are some of the 16:9 variants we really need:

    16:9 desired output from GoCoder

    As a sw developer myself, it seems this is pretty simple feature to easily add. Can you please help us out by adding these lower res 16:9 aspects to the next release of GoCoder?

    Many Thanks,

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    Thanks for the feedback on GoCoder for Android. I'll be sure to pass this request on to our engineers and Product management team.


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