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Thread: Set bandwidth limit in m3u8 file

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    Default Set bandwidth limit in m3u8 file

    I appreciate all the help I can get here.

    Today I'm running a live video streaming project. I'm using ffmpeg as transcoders and Wowza as streaming servers. I have two different type of client, the first one are paying for standard quality. The other ones are paying for premium quality.

    The customers are using Android TV Box for watching my live video streaming. My question is, I'm transcoding in 3 mbit rate, and that's delivered to the client that's paying for premium quality. I don't want to set up new transcoders and streaming servers to make a new stream in 1 mbit.

    Is there any way to deliver 1 mbit stream to the clients that are paying for standard quality ?

    The solutions I can come up with is to set a limit in either the wowza server to deliver 1 mbit to TVBOX_1 and 3 mbit to TVBOX_2. Is that possible ?

    Or to set a limit in the m3u8 file , will that work ?

    What other suggestions/solutions are there ?

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    Hello there,

    There is nothing built in to Wowza for this but you could probably achieve this with a custom module.

    One approach would be to create a custom MediaList implementation that would return the smil based on what the player requests.

    Please see the following article for information:
    How to use Java API calls to resolve SMIL file requests (AMLST)


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