We have a really big issue with Apple HLS. After it is activated it takes just about 6 hours an the Memory of 32GB is getting Full. Also the Wowza gets full after about one day of running.
The point is that Apple HLS is only activated but not released so no one can watch it. But still cause that huge amount of memory consuption.

We have no issues with RTMP at all. It never reaches the maximum of the Wowza heap or memory at all.

Further server and consumption Details:
We are Using Debian as Operating System
Wowza Version 4.0.4
The Java Heap is set to production level with 10 GB.
The Server has 32 GB in total

we have about 80-100 incoming streams.
The incoming Quality per stream is about 500-2500 kb/s (max bitrate)
The Viewer count are between: 800-1300 outgoing.

also we followed the tuning guide.