We have tested all versions of 4.0-4.0.6. Each time, had to revert back to version 3.6.4.

We have notice memory usage is much higher on Wowza 4.0.6 compared to 3.6.4. Can this be true? The issues we are having is our Roku platform is encountering "Loading, please wait" issues or Roku would simply disconnect from edge servers. Is it possible the memory is maxing on our origin and disconnects all the streams to Edge? Wowza support is telling us it is a network issue. We disagree because 3.6.4 worked perfectly.

Link to screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8bowluo5d...emory.png?dl=0 Wowza uptime around 1 day and less than 300 connections, how can our memory max out at this load?

We are setup using liverepeater-origin/liverepeater-edge on Windows 2012 R2 servers. Each server consist of 16GB or ram, quad core.