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Thread: Pull stream problem

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    Default Pull stream problem

    I am trying to pool 2 streams from internet
    First one works perfect, second one no.

    1. rtmp://

    I made 2 Stream files, with streams URI and successfully connected to them from GUI (button "connect to this stream")
    In live> Incoming Streams i see status "Active" for both streams

    Where is my problem ?

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    1. rtmp stream codec info: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part10)(avc)
    2. http stream codec info: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part10)(h264)

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    Are you able to validate the second stream using a test player? What do you see in your [install-dir]/logs/wowzastreamingengine_access.log when you attempt to start the second stream?


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    hi Tim
    I am unable to validate second stream using any player
    Please see logs:

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    Hi there,
    The logs indicate that the streamschedule.smil file can not be located. Please double check that it is in the /content folder and spelled correctly.


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    i am not uising .smil files

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    What matters for pulling from the source is the contents of

    Looking at, if the IP is a Wowza server, it is an incomplete playback URL. For it to work, first you would need a VHost.xml /HostPort that include port 8000, and would have to add the manifest part for either HLS, HDS or Smooth playback. For example for HLS add /playlist.m3u8:


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    Hello Richard,

    I'm probably poorly explained problem
    Please disregard all previous messages, lets start again

    I need to pull with Wowza one stream from INTERNET:
    My Woza server adress is: http://wowza
    I created Stream file with content:
    After connecting to stream from GUI (button "connect to this stream") i see status "Active" In live> Incoming Streams

    -> Active

    I can't play stream from Wowza players and
    VLC: http://wowza:8000/live/

    In logs you can see connecting process to and VLC connection to Wowza:

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    any help?

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    What is the source of this stream?

    HTTP ingress is not supported for anything other then SHOUTcast, but you could use a transcoder like VLC in between:
    How to use VLC as a live stream encoder with Wowza Media Server (MPEG-TS)

    This guide may help as well:
    How to re-stream an unprotected stream from Adobe Media Server or a CDN


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