Hi all,

I can't seem to find any relevant info to solve my problem, so hopefully someone here will be able to provide me with some directions

Here is my setup.
One WOWZA server, installed on a CentOS 6.4 box, on which the live application runs.
I have two feed providers, incoming on wowza server through udp port 4900 and 5000.
The video feeds are encoded using TS over UDP with two of the same encoder. Their settings are alike.

In Wowza, I declared two stream files, respectively stream1.stream and stream2.stream listening on udp 4900 and 5000, and connected them to the live app.
To display the feeds, I use VLC and connect with rstp://wowza-server:1935/live/stream1.stream for example. I have the same results when using the "Test Players" in Wowza.

Now here is the problem :
One stream plays smoothly, while the other one fails to load the video. However, the VLC player "codec info" shows the audio is present (although nothing is recorded on the encoder because we don't need audio).

And here is another piece of information :
I temporarily swapped my wowza server for a ubuntu and could play both video feeds just fine, opening udp://@: port. This would mean there is no network or encoder configuration problems.

Ideas, anyone?