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    I am running Wowza SME4.0.6 with JW Player 6.05 on a Mac Mini Server running OS10.9 Server. I am not using a Playlist on this website. The media is embedded on each page calling for VOD. I am trying to creat a SMIL file using a wildcard (*). Is this something that is possible? I'll be honest, I'm not a coding genius but am willing to tackle this. I am running a VOD server for our School of Nursing for training materials. I would like to be able to cross-platform stream the content to our students and faculty. Thank you for any help or suggestions.


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    There is a programmatic method of producing smil-like play lists.
    There's more information available here.
    If it proves difficult, we do have our 'find a consultant' part of our forum, where you can ask if anyone can help with your project.

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