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Thread: Teradek Vidiu Setup in local network to stream via Wowza engine on a Mac Book

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    Question Teradek Vidiu Setup in local network to stream via Wowza engine on a Mac Book

    Hi Folks,

    new to streaming I have some difficulties to get the above mentioned setting right.

    Here is my setup so far:

    1) TechPro HDMI video camera plugged into Terade Vidiu via HDMI
    2) L-COM WLAN device connected via ethernet to Vidiu, working in bridge mode
    3) A second L-COM WLAN device connected via thernet cable with my MacBook pro, as well working in Bridge mode
    4) MacBook set into the same IP-range than the above mentioned three devices

    a) Vidiu:
    b) L-COM 1: (connected to Vidiu)
    c) L-COM 2: (connected to MacBook)
    d) MacBook:

    Connecting to the Vidiu via browser works fine and I do see the snapshot picture. The video itself is not visible in the browser, so streaming does not work.

    Teradek recommends now to use the Wowza server which I already installed to my MacBook to get access to the stream.

    My question now is; how to setup the Wowza server in the local environment to get access to the stream being published by the Vidiu via the bridged WLAN devices. Obviously the connection in general works, otherwise I would not have access to the device itself via browser.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Lars,

    If the Vidiu encoder can push out an RTMP stream (which I think it can) then you just configure it to send the stream to a running Wowza server. If the Video box can not connect to Wowza (default sreaming port is 1935) then obviously there will be some network management on your side to resolve, but really it sounds like it should be a quick setup.


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