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Thread: Help Regarding event streaming.

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    Default Help Regarding event streaming.

    Dear all,

    We are a production company and as part of our business we film events. we would like to start providing live event streaming to our customers.

    We can use a Flash encoder to stream in RTMP, now the Big question is, how do i set up the wowza server? can i set it up in a VPS? if so hows the bandwidth work? also since for starters we will only use it few times a month, so is there a pay as you use service as such?

    would very much appreciate if someone can help me out on this.

    Thank you.

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    For installation and configuration please see the following guide.
    How to install and configure Wowza Streaming Engine

    You should also Tune Wowza so that it takes advantage of the hardware you have in the server where you installed Wowza Streaming Engine.
    For live streaming using a RTMP based encoder please see How to set up live streaming using an RTMP-based encoder.

    You can install Wowza on a virtual server but this does mean that you will not be able to take advantage of things like hardware accelerated encoding for the Wowza transcoder.
    For sales questions please email our sales team -


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    Hi Dean,

    You can Push RTMP stream using flash encoder to Wowza server. Configurations are simple, to know more go to ( Yeah it can be setup on VPS, but depend on how many users/streams.

    For more query

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