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Thread: Live RTMP Push with HLS Pulling with Vidiu

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    Default Live RTMP Push with HLS Pulling with single Vidiu input

    Hello everyone,

    I just bought a full license today so we could take advantage of the HTTP live Origin server, so that our CDN pulls the HLS chuncks, and it's now working. However we are using a Vidiu to broadcast into the wowza server and we only have one stream we can send to in wowza apparently. The problem is we want to push rtmp out to the CDN but the Http Live Origin Application does not seem to allow us to also add push publishing to it. We have 2 applications but only can set the vidiu to stream to one of these. Does anyone have any suggestions to get both HLS pull and RTMP push to work with only one stream input from our Vidiu encoder?

    Will this work with the duplicatestreams module?

    Thanks so much for your time..
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