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Thread: Server Side Transcoded Streams Not Stopping

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    Default Server Side Transcoded Streams Not Stopping

    I have a custom module that creates server side stream using the IPublishingProvider (much like the example code here). Similarly I am mixing VOD content with Live content using my module and transcoding the mixed stream. I am also using the ModuleTranscoderControl addon to ensure that only the mixed stream gets transcoded.

    The problem I'm having is that the transcoded stream(s) exist even after the source has been unpublished. If I start sending the live source then the stream is unviewable and the only way to resolve it is to restart the entire application.

    Here are the steps to recreate what I'm seeing:
    1. Start encoder which publishes stream (myStream) to Wowza
    2. Wowza receives myStream and creates a server side stream named myOutputStream
    3. myOutputStream is then transrated/transcoded into two versions named myOutputStream_160 and myOutputStream_360
    4. Stop encoder from publishing myStream
    5. Wowza calls onUnPublish for myStream and myOutputStream
    6. myOutputStream_160 and myOutputStream_360 still listed under "Incoming Streams" in the Engine Manager and show up in the f4m as well.

    I'm stopping the ServerPublisherWorker just as they are in the example I linked above and have also tried

    at the bottom of the ServerPublisherClass with no luck either.

    Is there some method I'm not aware of to shut down a stream that is sourced from Wowza that also terminates any active transcodes?

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    You might try the following sequence:


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    Sorry for the late response, but yes! That did the trick, thanks!

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    Thanks for the update, and glad you got this sorted.


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