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Thread: wowza live stream working with ec2 but not cloudformation

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    Default wowza live stream working with ec2 but not cloudformation

    I finally got the live streaming working with newtek encoder following online instructions. Following recommendation I associated an elastic ip to the ec2 instance so the encoder setup will not need to change when start/stop instance. The stream plays from the elastic ip hitting the wowza server but will not play through the cloudformation. I believe it is because the public dns of the ec2 changed when the elastic ip was assigned and the cloud formation still shows the original dns. Does anyone know how to get the cloudformation set to recognize the new public dns? I have spent extensive time searching and can't find the answer and would greatly appreciate any help.

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    There is some information here that says:
    "If an Elastic IP address is attached to your instance, AWS CloudFormation reattaches the Elastic IP address after it updates the instance"
    However, it's not clear how or when the update actually takes place. Amazon/AWS may be able to answer that question.


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