Hello! More than 2 years I have one question: how can I manipulate from PHP lang Wowza? On first step, I need to publish/unpublish streams, start|stop record. Or, if we speak in general, I need to know some wowza api. Can I send from php function some params in url to publish stream (like in record ) ? Or, maybe, more right variant is.
How can i send commands to wowza from php?
For ex, on web site my user want to add ip camera. He add ip address of the camera of link of rtsp and this string will be add to database. User mark this streaming as online and camera streaming. When user mark video as offline, camera don't stream, but it's not delete from db. I know how write this part, but I don't understand how can connect from php to wowza, how manipulate streams after connection with php function. Sorry for this confusion. If some parts of this question will be unclear, I'll try to describe it fully. Thank you!