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Thread: Gocoder playing back its own stream from origin server?

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    Default Gocoder playing back its own stream from origin server?

    I have the following problem with the Gocoder app (1.4.3 running on iOS) publishing to an origin server running 4.06 (build 12199):
    when my edge server ip adresses are entered in the live app outgoing security settings (Client Restrictions
    Only allow playback from the following IP addresses) I cannot publish using Gocoder. Getting a connection error

    I have set up a secure token shared by my origin/edge servers. How do I protect my origin server from clients (other than Flash/rtmp) without screwing up for use with Gocoder? Do I have to enter every Gocoder host ip address as well? This will be a real hassle as the Gocoders will use DHCP for sure.

    Regards from Norway

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have raised this with our engineering department as a possible bug. Unfortunately I can't give timescales on if or when this will be resolved.

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    Exclamation Dev Build released with patch for RTSP IP white and black listing


    We have a development build released for 4.1.0 which brings it up to Build 12721. There are a number of fixes in there including those relating RTSP whitelist/blacklisting. We hope this will resolve your issue if you care to install.

    Development build
    How to apply a Wowza Streaming Engine update

    Changes (since 4.1.0 release)

    Fixed smoothRespondImmediatelyOnReadAheadFragmentNotReady logic so that it returns immediately even if fragment has not been processed (origin/edge timing issue)
    Fixed PushPublishing cupertino-akamai issue where "{secureToken}" HLS filename variable was appearing in all chunk URLs in all HLS chunklists pushed to Akamai
    Set the IP address in the RTPSession when the first packet of an MPEG TS stream is received
    Updated MainConcept HEVC encoder and decoder library to version 3.1
    Fixed transcoder rate control problem with HEVC encoding
    Fixed regression where DVR would immediately go into a non-live state when encoder disconnected, instead of waiting for the DVR timeout to occur
    Fixed bug in ModuleCoreSecurity that prevented FMLE from reconnecting successfully when the received hash contained a '+' character
    Fixed bug in incoming security and outgoing security models that prevented the use of wildcards in IP addresses
    Fixed problem where HLS ABR stream with single audio-only stream and WebVTT subtitles failed to play
    Improved randomize stream name functionality for HTTP streaming to make sure random strings are generated from static randomizer to make sure we generate unique IDs
    Fixed Akamai PushPublishing HTTP profiles (HLS/HDS/DASH) to ensure alignment of chunk indexes across all ABR stream renditions. Also chunks are now pushed to a new/unique folder on the endpoint after a stream reset occurs
    Added enforcement of Publish IP White List and Publish IP Black List for RTSP publish connections

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