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Thread: flv via http from mp4 on s3

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    Question flv via http from mp4 on s3


    I cannot find a way in Wowza Streaming Engine to get flv file, that is a result of transmuxing of origin mp4, via http, not rtmp, is that possible?
    Origin mp4 file is kept on s3, so I am using vods3.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do however if you would like Wowza to create a FLV file from a MP4 file, you can publish the MP4 file as a live stream using ServerListenerStreamPublisher and when the live stream is being published, record this as a FLV file using the recording article How to record live streams (Wowza Streaming Engine)

    If you're using S3 you may want to move the recorded file to the S3 bucket using ModuleMediaWriterFileMover Module.


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    Thanks, Jason, but I think it's not quite the thing that I'm trying to accomplish.
    The problem is that currently we keep FLV files that were transmuxed from mp4 along with originals on s3, and serve both of these formats through cloudfront. FLV is used by our flash player that uses additional metadata about keyframes to request required chunks of video file, byte-precise, I think that would be correct to call that progressive download. What we are trying to do is to replace pre-transmuxing and storing resulting files on s3 by running media server that should run transmuxing on the fly.
    So, in other words, we need progressive download for FLV with support of some byte range params(as flash cannot use range headers), is that possible with Wowza?
    Actually I have found some third party media server solutions that are able to do that, but they lack of support of s3 as origin, so I am still searching for solution.

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