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Thread: wowza most concurrent user ?

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    Default wowza most concurrent user ?

    My server has 4x10core cpu + 128GB ram and one 10Gig nic. And Windows server 2012,wowza 4.0.4
    The wowza works great until my bandwidth reach 1Gbps
    cpu overall usage is about 40% (5cores are 80-90% and others are 20%) , 17GB memory usage and i have about 3900 concurrent users (rtmp+hls ), idont use any other services on the server or trancoder/ndvr addons
    The streams start freezing and users disconnect from server.
    I want to know where is the bottleneck?
    Is there any limitation in concurrent users, and how can i tune my server or wowza ?
    I don't think the bottleneck be in my network because the nic port is 10G and i was able to send up to 3Gbps traffic,But the server ping time will increase and it has packet lost too

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    Hi there,

    The usual limiting factor is bandwidth. You should get about 800mbs per 1gbs. Which is about 1600 500kbs streams. But you have to test. Click here to request the Load Test tool to test the actual capacity of your server and network. There is a document to sign and return.

    Make sure servers are tuned.
    How to do performance tuning

    Regarding the 10gbs nic, one instance of Wowza/64bit Java JDK can saturate up to about 5gbs. To fully utilize 10gbs, you have to run two instances of Wowza/Java. Each instance of Wowza has to be licensed separately, and takes some finessing to make work in that scenario. So only expect about 5gbs at the most with one instance of Wowza/Java.

    I hope this helps.


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    Thanx for your reply yes it helps me ,i want to find bottleneck of my system
    I`m using low bitrate streams 700Kbps, is there any limitation in OS , JAVA or WOWZA to hanle 4000 or more comcurrent connection
    For example if i can have 10000concurrent 200Kb connections?
    I`m using load balancer add on to redirect users to the other servers.but when i have more than 5000 concurrent requests the jw player cannot redirect the users and it shows rtmpe://loadblancer:80/ instead of rtmp://redirectip:1935/ .jwplayer or my website cannot redirect or the load balancer can not handle huge amunt of requests per second ?
    Do i need to use DNS load balancing solutions ?

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    The Wowza load balancer is pretty light weight so it should be able to redirect the requests as needed. Are you experiencing problems with it? You'd have to test your own workflow to determine its limitations but the load balancer only comes into play on the initial request and then 302 redirects the connection to the intended edge. Thereafter it isn't involved in the request at all.

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