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Thread: Setting up conf in wowza 3.5

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    Default Setting up conf in wowza 3.5

    I am using Wowza Media Server 3 Perpetual Edition 3.6.3 build8031 At the moment.

    Since I just started working here, I am not really used to Wowza, and for some reason there are no documents made by previous worker.

    Our new client wants to send Video Stream to our server and they say that they use rtsp.

    I've searched some info about setting up Wowza Server , but most of your tutorial is based on wowza 4 and used Engine, 3.5 have different UI and so on.

    I've made a new folder in [installed-dir]/applications. named "Vuela".

    and entered Streammanager site and clicked "[start receiving stream]" under Vuela Folder.

    I've inserted Stream name as

    After that, I've told my client about Server IP, port, Publisher ID, password, and application name, stream name.

    I've tested with Wirecast and VLC Player in rtmp protocol.

    However, our client is saying that since they use rtsp, I need to setup something else.

    What do i exactly have to do to make wowza accept rtsp? Any tutorials based on old version will be great. thanks

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    Most of the Wowza Guides have a UI section and an XML config section for earlier and later configuration methods.
    There are different methods depending on whether they want to push the stream from an encoder, like Wirecast, or pull the stream, say from an IP camera of server.

    If Pushing, then this guide will be most helpful.

    If pulling an RTSP stream then look at this guide.

    See if either of those if what you are looking for.


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    Okay I will check on it thanks

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