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Thread: Module loop until live help

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    Default Module loop until live help

    hi i posted in

    with no reply

    heres my post

    hi need help please. i have got pre roll loop working. but have problems with video source lining/syncing up correctly eg sometimes there is sound issues and when live "mystream" kicks in, the motion seems not smooth. what should i be looking at to correct this? cheers. does the mp4:sample.mp4 have to precisely match the live stream in terms of resolution and frame rate? i have actually matched up correctly with certain encoders and it still streams badly eg not seemless

    edit: i have just got vidiu rtmp/mystream working fine/seemless with pre roll loop, but xsplit which i use is where i am getting issues only difference in ffprobe is the audio is 44100hz and the mp4:sample.mp4 is 48000

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    I did reply to your original post here.


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