I have a dedicated Server with Wowza Streaming Engine 4. I have signed up for CDN service with a provider. The CDN resource is a LIVE resource (Wowza 3, their control). The URL works as follows:



rtmp://12345678.cdnprovider.com/12345678/app/mystream (/12345678' is the LIVE app in their Wowza configuration)


rtmp://stream.mydomain.com/app/mystream (stream.mydomain.com is proxied to mydomain.com:1935)

The app and stream are dynamic. I can point the CDN to any app and stream name, and it works. No problem here.

When I run a test stream, I know that only the CDN servers are connecting to Origin (my dedicated Wowza box), because I can see in the stream manager that there are only two connections when I open four players at rtmp://cdn.mydomain.com/app/mystream (one CDN server connection, and one connection from FMLE). That is the good news.

What I want to accomplish is to be able to get the connection counts from the CDN. Please tell me that this is possible! Can Wowza go up the pipe and grab connection counts and IPs?