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Thread: recording live streams on Wowza 4

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    Default recording live streams on Wowza 4

    Hi all
    a few questions regarding live streams recording since wowza 4:

    i was previously using the liveStreamRecord add when i was using wowza 3

    i was calling the recording this way:

    var recordSetting:Object = new Object();
    			// File format: flv or mp4 is supported (if not specified it will base it on the
    			// stream prefix; 1 (or no prefix): .flv and 2: .mp4)
    			recordSetting.format = 1; 
    			// Append to current file if exists
    			recordSetting.append = false;
    			// Output path (if not set defaults to normal StorageDir using stream name)
    			recordSetting.outputPath = "/home/recordings/"+recordingID+"/"+streamID+".flv";
    			// If not appending to the file do we want to version the old file
    			recordSetting.versionFile = true;
    			// Start on a key frame or start on first package (if audio only must be false)
    			if(_recordOptions=="1" || _recordOptions=="3")  {
    				recordSetting.startOnKeyFrame = false;
    			}  else  {
    				recordSetting.startOnKeyFrame = true;	
    			// Record data packets as well as audio/video packets (data packets are not recorded in mp4 format)
    			recordSetting.recordData = true;
    			(parent as MovieClip)"startRecording", null, streamID, recordSetting);
    since i migrated to wowza 4, i didn't notice at first that the recording api was available,so i was still using the livestreamrecord add. i then realized that the settings sent in the recordsettings (specially format) were not overriding the default values (can you confirm this behavior ?) (for instance, i'm using flash rtmp (spark+speex), so i was recording in FLV, and then converting recordings using ffmpeg.

    so, since i migrated, video streams were not recorded correctly (only audio was, there was a log message saying something like "spark not supported for mp4 blabla). not i'm still using the livestreamrecord add (is it supposed to work as it should with wowza 4 ?)

    i changed in the Application.xml the default value for format, and the recordings are almost ok:
    - now audio AND video are recorded
    - but in the logs i have this:

    52372:2014-09-05        16:32:28        CEST    comment server  INFO    200     -       StreamRecorder[videochat2/5784] recordStream:  action:startRecording stream:1423612791 format:mp4 versioning:version outputFile:1423612791.flv outputPath:/home/recordings/5987 startOnKeyFrame:true moveFirstVideoFrameToZero:true splitOnTcDiscontinuity:false recordData:true segmentDuration:900000 segmentSize:10485760 segmentSchedule:0 * * * * * notifyListener: null fileTemplate:null fileVersionDelegate:StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate     --       -       2803857.462     -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       --       -       -       -       -       -
    note that while i'm specifying format = 1 in the as3 code, and i defined flv as default format, the format specified in the logs is still mp4...but the files are recorded in flv !

    another issue is: i'm recording many streams at the same time in the same instance: 1 audio/video (webcam and micro of the attendee) and 1 video only (whiteboard recorded throught a java applet built with the following lib: on the wowza 3 using livestreamrecord, the sync between both recordings were fine. apparently recordings on the wowza 4 instance (still using livestreamrecord) are out of sync, missing frames it related to the add that i should abandon ? and if yes, i'm a little bit confused about the recording options: when looking in the webcam recording sample, there is this H264 function:

    function initH264Recording(nsPublish:NetStream)
    	var h264Settings:H264VideoStreamSettings = new H264VideoStreamSettings();
    	h264Settings.setProfileLevel(H264Profile.BASELINE, H264Level.LEVEL_3);
    	nsPublish.videoStreamSettings = h264Settings;
    so can i record in mp4 direclty now ? and what influence can it have on the streams, which are broadcasted live and recorded at the same time ? (all using flash as3 or adobe air client)

    also, while on most forums i saw that the keyframe interval should be twice the framerate, the record sample show the same keyframe interval and framerate. is it now a recommended setting ?

    note that i'm using ubuntu servers, quad core with 24 to 64gb RAM, and have 500mbps bandwidth with 1gbps burst.

    i hope i made myslef clear and thank you for your answers

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    Hi there.

    There has been a change in the default record format, it has changed from .flv to .mp4.
    You would need to use Flash 11.2+ which supports h.264 video and Speex audio. That can be recorded to an .mp4 container.

    Or you can edit the default format which Wowza will record to.

    To do this, edit this value in the file [install-dir]/conf/Server.xml
    in order to specify flv as the default again.
    Change to:
    Then restart the server to make the change take.

    I hope this helps and answers your questions.


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