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    Default Flash stream to MP4

    Hello Wowza team. We have a SWF application to publish streams to the Wowza Server and we need to encode the stream into MP4, but we are getting the following error from Transcode:

    LiveStreamRecorderMP4: Unsupported video format for MP4 container: CODEC_VIDEO_SPARK
    TranscodingSession.handlePacket[wms_video/stream]: Audio codec is not supported by transcoder. Can only be used as PassThru: NELLYMOSER_8MONO

    So, these errors cause that RTSP and other players don't work.

    What do you recommend to solve these errors?

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    You'll need to change your flash application so that it uses MP4 compliant codecs.
    There's an example of how to do this here, where the application is converted to use H.264 video and Speex audio.
    Speex is also unsupported in MP4 containers, but you can use the Wowza transcoder to turn the speex audio into AAC audio
    which IS MP4 container compliant.


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    Thanks for your answer. We'll consider change our flash application.

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