Hi Guys,

It might have been addressed before, but here is a question.

I was in contact with JW guys, and here is the situation.

If stream is not "live" on our wowza server. then player will display " erro id not found, etc..etc".

I can setup up JW Player to playback "error.mp4 / whatever " file on player "load error" however, it won't give same fuctionaity as:
"client" watching some kind of media playback untill we actually go "live" with the broadcast.

Seems like there is now solution on player side, and ideally would be great to setup wowza so it "playbacks" a specific file untile that streaming ID goes live.

As an example, if you go to livestream dot com and channel is not live, it will display "offline" message until that channel is live. so looking for a similar solution really.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.