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Thread: New to Wowza, advice for large live event

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    Question New to Wowza, advice for large live event

    I'm brand new to Wowza and have successfully set up a simple live HLS stream from FMLE to an AWS EC2 m1.small instance with CloudFront using the sample AWS CloudFormation docs <>

    We have a potential live event job that I'm not sure how to configure because I'm new to Wowza and the event is large--3,000 viewers watching via iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet and desktop for ~1 hour.

    Let's say we output a 500kbps H.264 AAC stream from FMLE at this live event. What would be required to deliver this to 3,000 viewers on the variety of devices above?

    For those of you that regularly do large events with Wowza and AWS/EC2/CloudFront, how would you approach this?

    Is it possible to use just a single HLS output from Wowza->CloudFront for all viewing devices?

    Does CloudFront reduce the server requirements?

    I looked through the tutorials but didn't see anything that I felt answered my questions.

    Thanks for any help.


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    As far as Cloudfront, default limits are 1,000Mbps. If you want more (which 3,000 users at 500kbps is 1,500Mbps), you'll have to request a limit increase which takes a few days. We just asked for an increase that was easily granted. They just want to know some specifics about the event to provision resources properly.

    Cloudfront does reduce the server requirements due to the caching feature of HTTP. How much however, I'm not sure.

    I'll let someone with more knowledge answer the remaining questions.

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    Thanks tirapell for the heads up on CloudFront default bandwidth limits.

    Anyone have guidance on the other questions?


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    Hi Terry. Sorry for the delayed response.

    We recommend the Wowza Live Stream Repeater and the Wowza Dynamic load balancer.
    How to configure a live stream repeater
    How to get Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn

    An alternative might be to utilize AWS Auto Scaling

    I hope this is helpful.


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