Hi everyone,

I use Wowza Load Test Tool to check my Wowza Engine Server.

For more details, I
I create 200 .mp4 video files, bitrate of each video file is 2,6 Mbps, and configure VoD caching with 200 GB SSD Storage.
I install Wowza Load Test tool on 3 servers.
I configure on each Test server workerCount is 400 and fileCount is 200.
When I start Load test Tool on 3 Test Servers, the Wowza Engine Server still works and I can play other VoD files by VLC or on http://www.wowza.com/testplayers. The numbers of connections is 1200, and the network is about 3 Gbps.

However, when I turn off the Load test Tool on one Test server and then turn on it.
The Wowza Engine Server still works a few minutes and is down. It cannot serve new connections. The Wowza Engine server doesn't response any chunklist when I request by .../playlist.m3u8 link on a web browser.

I must turn off the Load test tool on all Test servers, and then the Wowza Engine Server returns to work normally.

What problem happens with my Wowza Engine Server? May the problem occur when my Wowza Engine Servers serve a lot of real clients ?

Thank you.