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Thread: wowza using 100% memory

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    Default wowza using 100% memory


    i just made an upgrade from w3 to w4 (ubuntu 64bits, 24G ram, quad core)

    i'm surprised that since i upgraded, wowza is using 100% of the ram (on 24G, a top shows me only 150M free memory). A atop shows me that the 24G used are cached
    if i compare with another instance on a 64G ram machine, i have only 5Go used by wowza...

    anything could be wrong ? is it safe to run this instance in such conditions ? so far the server seems to be fine, but i haven't tested yet with a lot of concurrent connections. i'd like to be sure it will be fine when i'll start it in production...i've used the recommended performance settings (by the way, the automatic settings set the heap size to 10000 on both 24G and 64G servers)

    thank you

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    ok i think i have my answer:

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    That's great news, thanks for the update and providing the link.
    Other customers viewing this thread will benefit from the information you've provided.


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    yep, as mentionned the ram appears as cached, so i believe it's fine...i was just surprised by the difference between 2 servers.

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